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 During The Neolithic period people settled in the Eden Valley and The Westmorland Fell country. There is evidence of dwellings in the form of drystone enclosures such as The Princess’s Enclosure and the Neolithic Fort on Orton Scar.  Fells in the nearby Lake Distict were likely considered sacred, there was a major serpentine avenue in nearby Shap and monuments such as those on Iron Hill and Oddendale were aligned to Saddleback Fell (Blencathra.) It seems the Gaythorne circle is aligned with Gamelands Great Circle and Fiend’s Fell in the Penines.

Relatively few people still hunted and gathered rich supplies of food from the Eden, Lune, Lowther and Lyvennet rivers and local marshes such as Eel mires and Red mires in Maulds Meaburn, and tarns such as Sunbiggin Tarn and Winter Tarn.

In addition it is likely that grain crops were raised in the fertile soil and the grain milled by hand using limestone Quern stones. People very much like us dressed in the skins of deer and used finely flaked tools of local chert and flint brought in from other areas. At least one hand axe was made out of local hard limestone it can be viewed at Crosby Ravensworth Parish Archive.

Food for thought: The Cup-marked stone on Gaythorne Plain is of hard Shap Granite. Cup and Ring marked stones are evidence of neolithic culture. Nobody knows what the cup holes signify, it has been theorized that they represent children born. Each newborn’s soul was hewn from the rock.

Arrowhead (Eel mires) Limestone Axe  (M. Meaburn) Castle Folds Neolithic Fort Ironhill North Bowl Barrow Neolithic Westmorland The Gaythorne Cupstone Gaythorne Cupstone Neolithic limestone quern stone used for grinding corn. It bears a  Cup mark on one side. Found near Orton. The Gaythorne Cupstone Gamelands Great Circle Oddendale Circle The Gaythorne Cupstone Gaythorne Circle Castle Howe Circle Little Asby Circle Leaf-shaped arrowhead Mesolithic Westmorland