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Westmorland Fells’ Hay Meadows

Restoration and conservation of hay meadows provides vital habitat for native wildlife. Traditional upland hay meadows are important for wildlife diversity being home to a profusion of wildflowers and  co-dependent pollinating insects. The Above images are prize winning entries from Cumbria Wildlife Trust’s 2009 Hay meadow photographic competition.

Westmorland Fells and The Hay-Day project  

Yellow Rattle  by Rob Grange

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For more please contact Hay-Day Ecologist, Claire Cornish,

        01539 816300                mail@cumbriawildlifetrust.org.uk

Hay meadow species identification leaflet

Managing a hay meadow leaflet

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Images of Westmorland Fells’ Hay meadows by Rob Grange of Rob Grange Photography www.robgrange.com