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You can access documents about the Natural England England Fells To Dales National Park extension from their website by clicking here.

Briefing Note  - Planning and the effect of Dales National Park Status. Please click here for document.   (Source:www.yorkshiredales.org.uk)

The  above-linked briefing note tries to give a flavour of the effect that National Park status has in terms of planning in the Dales. It shows the similarities and differences – it is not an exhaustive list.

What difference would National Park designation make? Please click here for document. (Source:www.yorkshiredales.org.uk)

What difference might living in a national park make? For 95% of

the time, for residents and/or those working in the area, being in a national park does not affect their daily lives. However, behind the scenes, the national park authority is involved in supporting the area and its communities.

Useful links

National Parks: extensions to the Lake District and Yorkshire Dales Parks

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Friends Of The Lake District’s webpage on the Lakes to Dales National Park Extensions

The Megalithic Portal, a website that documents prehistoric sites.


Treasures of Cumbria website is a wiki run by the Cumbria Museums Consortium  as a repository for the heritage and other things that we value.